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Hot & Cold Food-To-Go

Changes in consumer lifestyles have contributed to the increased popularity of grab-and-go products and ready-to-eat meals.

An appetizing product presentation is the key to stimulating impulse sales of these hot and refrigerated products. Our heated and refrigerated multi-decks have been designed with this idea in mind. Thanks to excellent product visibility and superior holding technology, products look irresistible and stay delicious for hours.

Patented holding conditions

Hot Blanket holding technology

The patented proven Hot Blanket holding technology controls food safety in all our grab ‘n go displays and multi-decks. Hot air is blown from the front of the shelf and circulates over the shelf surface. Your products are completely surrounded by a blanket of hot air, ensuring an even holding temperature. Hot products stay warm at 65°C for at least 4 hours, while retaining superior product quality.

Patented holding conditions

Cold Airflow

All our refrigerated displays are equipped with the latest patented superior cold technology. The technologies lead to keeping your products at higher quality for longer periods of time which results in an increase in repeated sales, less waste, maximum food safety and extended shelf life.

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