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A truly elegant match of the finest ingredients, theatre-style cooking and a welcoming atmosphere

Launched in December 2021, Pavilion is an independent delicatessen, fine food store and cookery school located right in the heart of the idyllic town of Henley-on-Thames. A celebration of exceptional ingredients, wonderful cooking and inviting hospitality, Pavilion is the dream of owner and founder, Micah Judah.

Initially training with Le Cordon Bleu, Micah has spent the past 15 years working in prominent food retail roles, focusing on supply chain and then food development for a high-end national food retailer. Taking his extensive knowledge and the relationships built up with some of the country’s leading food manufacturers, Micah followed his dream and launched Pavilion in 2021. On the ethos behind the business, he comments:

“A ‘pavilion’ is a place where people from all walks of life can join together, a hub for the community, a place to build friendships and make lasting memories. This is exactly what I wanted for my business. By building bonds through a love of food, curating and creating the most delicious dishes in a shopping environment like no other, Pavilion can help inspire the foodies of tomorrow.”

Situated in a grade II listed building, right on the bustling high street, Micah and his team have sourced more than 1,000 products from some of the finest suppliers locally, nationally and internationally. A large deli counter welcomes guests to one side of the door, while a cosy seating area is neatly positioned to the other. At the back of the store, a glass fronted development kitchen come cookery school adds a real sense of intrigue. It is this engagement with the customer that makes Pavilion unique, as Micah continues:

“Not only did we want to have the very best ingredients from around the world, but we wanted to immerse the customer in the art of cooking and the enjoyment of creating wonderful dishes. Our skilled chefs can be seen handcrafting many of our products throughout the day and the kitchen also doubles up as a cookery school, enabling our team to share some of their incredible ability and knowledge with our customers. Ultimately, it’s all about entertaining and wowing our guests.”

It was this drive for standout service, the very best ingredients and eye-catching displays that steered Micah towards Fri-Jado and the company’s Multisserie and Multi-Deck Display (MDD). Explaining his equipment choice, Micah goes on to say:

“Our menu was created around certain dayparts, with customers enjoying different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each service has an element of dine-in, food-to-go and take home –with quality at their very heart. Having worked with Fri-Jado in my previous role, I knew the quality of their display equipment, so it was a natural choice to speak to them when we launched Pavilion. We quickly decided on the MDD hot holding display cabinet because of its technology and design, but the standout appliance for us is the Fri-Jado Multisserie, a real showstopping rotisserie that we’ve positioned front and centre of our store.”

With its 270° view and capacity for up to 60 birds at once, the Fri-Jado Multisserie has helped add a unique and exciting dimension to Pavilion. The distinctive cooking style of the rotisserie combined with the use of high-welfare birds has really got the customers talking. This is something that really pleases Micah:

“The Multisserie has been a revelation for our business. We’ve got customers calling us up to ask when the birds are coming out of the unit and whether they can reserve one in advance. The smell of the chicken being cooked also draws customers in from the high-street, which has been fantastic. It’s not just the cooking capabilities that have impressed us though. The Fri-Jado Multisserie comes with a ventless hood, which means it can be positioned somewhere without dedicated extraction – essential for our front of house setup.”

Situated next to the rotisserie, Pavilion’s MDD is fully loaded with delicious pies, pastries and freshly cooked birds. It’s clear that this stage for delicious hot food is one that tempts customers no matter what time of day, something that Micah alludes to:

The Fri-Jado MDD has been a fantastic asset to our business. It gives us the ultimate flexibility. From the simple but clever features, such as the ability to set different temperatures on each shelf, to the energy saving technology and slim shelf design which makes our food effortlessly stand out, the unit has been invaluable. The flexibility has also meant we can offer a varied menu throughout the day. Whether it’s kedgeree, complete with runny egg or delicious, perfectly cooked porridge during breakfast, our own pastries and pies for lunch, or freshly cooked whole chickens and complete dishes to take home for dinner, the MDD delivers it all.”

Having worked with Fri-Jado previously, Micah was aware of the manufacturers capabilities and focus on the customer, but even so, he’s been delighted with the service he’s received since launching his own venture at Pavilion. Concluding, he says:

“I’ve been extremely impressed by the level of service and support that we’ve received from Fri-Jado. Nothing has been too much trouble for them and, they’ve been extremely helpful and supportive. If any other business owner is looking for a display equipment solution for their business, I’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Fri-Jado.”

Article written by: Andrew Taylor C.F.S.P. – Eat PR & Marketing

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