Karsten's recipe

Sweet Potato from a rotisserie

Rotisserie-cooked sweet potato offers a unique and simple method of preparing this root vegetable. As it slowly turns in the rotisserie, its exterior turns golden brown, while the interior remains tender and velvety. This cooking technique allows the sweet potato to retain its nutrients. When ready, it presents a visually appealing dish, especially with the optional addition of guacamole, tomato salsa and sour cream. Another great product to add to your food-to-go menu!


– sweet potato 5pcs

– avocado 3pcs

– vine tomatoes 3pcs

– coriander 1bussel

– sour cream 100ml / 3.4 fl oz

– olive oil 200ml / 6.8 fl oz

– pepper

– salt

– lime 1st

– shallots 2pcs


Wash the potatoes. When dry, punch some holes in them with a fork. This ensures that the potatoes do not tear during grilling. Then rub a layer of oil around them and cook the sweet potatoes for 40-45 min at 170°C/340°F.


Cut 3 ripe avocados into cubes. Add a generous splash of olive oil, pepper, salt, finely chopped shallots and a little lime juice. Mash everything with a fork until smooth.

Tomato salsa

Cut the tomatoes into wedges and remove the seeds  so that only the flesh remains. Cut it into strips and then into cubes. Mix the tomato cubes together with olive oil, pepper, salt and lime juice in a mixing bowl.


When the sweet potato is ready, make a cut in the top and press the ends together. This gives you room to place the garnishes. Add a little olive oil and salt. Finish with guacamole, tomato salsa and the sour cream and finally a few springs of coriander.


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