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Fast and energy saving

TDR 8 Programmable

Programmable settings for easy, consistent operation
Eco Cooking saves 5% on energy
Cook Correction ensures food safety
Ventless hood to position TDR anywhere in your store

TDR 8 Programmable

Rotisserie with 8 meat fork, V-spit, basket or rack positions and a rotor for up to 40 chickens. If desired the TDR 8 can be placed on a stand.

The TDR pushes the air throughout the cavity, resulting in an improved heat transfer on the products and consequently in a reduced electricity consumption during the preparation process.

Thanks to Eco Cooking the TDR saves 5% additional energy. Add to this the improved heat transfer on the products and a fast preparation process and you have yourself the most energy-efficient rotisserie with a high output.

Cook Correction corrects alterations in the cooking cycle that are due to half-loads, overloads, or products with a difference in temperature. It measures abnormalities in the temperature curve and corrects the cycle automatically, ensuring food-safety and energy-efficient cooking.


Controls with programmable settings - easy, consistent operation
Cook Correction detects and corrects abnormalities during the cook cycle
Eco Cooking uses residual heat during the last part of the cook cycle
8 Meat fork, V-spit, basket or rack positions
Rotor for up to 40 chickens (1,2 kg)
99 programs with up to 3 cook stages per program
USB connection for easy transfer of data and programs
Optional Ventless hood
Also available as stacked combination TDR 8+ 8 P

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