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Fast and energy saving

TDR 8 + 8 S

High-speed double loop convection; energy saving technology
User-friendly, intuitive 7’’ full color, touchscreen control panel
Cook correction and Eco Cooking help you save on energy use and ensure food safety
Doors on both sides - Avoid cross contamination by separating the raw from the cooked area

TDR 8 + 8 S

Smart rotisserie with 16 meat fork, V-spit, or 14 basket or rack positions and a rotor for up to 80 chickens (1.2kg). Independent controls provide increased increased flexibility, allowing you to roast different products in each compartment.

Equipped with a 7” full-color display and capacitive touchscreen, the TDR S come with a user-friendly interface comparable to a smartphone, simplifying operator tasks.

Thanks to Eco Cooking the TDR saves 5% additional energy. Add to this the improved heat transfer on the products and a fast preparation process and you have yourself the most energy-efficient rotisserie with a high output.

Cook Correction corrects alterations in the cooking cycle that are due to half-loads, overloads, or products with a difference in temperature. It measures abnormalities in the temperature curve and corrects the cycle automatically, ensuring food-safety and energy-efficient cooking.

Doors on both sides as standard
For enhanced safety, the TDR S features a unique pass-through design (doors on both sides). Helping to avoid cross-contamination by separating of raw and cooked products.

Smart IoT-connectivity platform – SmartConnect (optional)
The TDR S can be equipped with Wi-Fi –  Get remote access to your equipment fleet with one mouse click with this  cloud based, IoT-platform; SmartConnect gives you remote access for recipe management, quality & hygiene data, and service management will enhance operational efficiencies.


High-speed double loop convection; energy saving technology
Rotor for up to 80 chickens (1.2 kg)
16 meat fork, V-spit or 14 basket or rack positions
Cook Correction detects and corrects abnormalities during the cook cycle
Eco Cooking uses residual heat during the last part of the cook cycle
Programme up to 250 recipes, each with up to 9 different steps
USB connection for easy transfer of data like recipes and programmes
SmartConnect - Optional Wi-Fi for monitoring and recipe management via the cloud based dashboard
Optional ventless hood - position the TDR anywhere in your store

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