Rougail d'ananas
Not just chicken

There is so much more you can do with a rotisserie

Most people associate a rotisserie with delicious grilled chicken. But did you know there’s so much more you can do with this versatile piece of equipment? We invited Top Chef Frédéric Jaunault MOF Primeurs, expert in fruit and vegetables, to come and cook a variety of recipes in Fri-Jado’s TDR Auto Clean. Joined by our chef Karsten Huyghe, Frédéric showed us the amazing food you can make in it; which is so much more than just chicken.


Petit farci basque preparé par Frédéric Jaunault avec la rôtissoire Fri-Jado
Vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian

Are you ready for the future?

With a growing number of people eating vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, it makes sense to introduce more variety into your food offering. With Fri-Jado’s auto-clean rotisserie you can prepare high-quality grilled chicken or meat, as well as vegetarian or vegan food. Quick in-between cleaning cycles allow you to easily switch from meat to plant based food without the risk of cross contamination.


Ready to be inspired by Frédéric Jaunault? Watch the videos below to get a taste of the wonderful things you can do with fresh fruits and vegetables and a rotisserie.


Rougail d'ananas (Pineapple Rougail)

Replace the sausage with a plant-based soy sausage for a vegan version.



Petit farci basque (Stuffed Round Zucchini)

A tasty recipe that can be prepared with several vegetable bases.



Courgette longue forestière (Long Forest Zucchini)

This recipe can be cut into slices for individual portions.


Artichaut normande (Normandy Artichoke)

A healthy snack to share.



Pomme rôtie rhubarbe cerise (Cherry Rhubarb Roasted Apple)

A dessert to place and cook in an individual tray.


Rotisserie cooking explained in 30 seconds

Using the product’s own juices

Based on rotation, the unique roasting process gently cooks produce using its own juices. It prevents dehydration, which means there is no need to add moisture.

Expert opinion

The rotisserie and food-to-go

According to Frédéric Jaunault MOF Primeurs, a rotisserie allows you to prepare food-to-go menus with ease. He also sees value in the combination with a hot food display that will keep your products at the right consumption temperature for hours.

A good combination

Hot food display

To keep his freshly prepared rotisserie food hot and delicious, Frédéric has used an MCC Hot Full Serve Display in the videos. This showcase is also available as a self-serve model, with or without doors, for packaged food. With its maximum transparency, ultra-thin shelves and LED shelf lighting, the MCC offers you the best view of your products and an eye-catching food presentation.

More about the MCC range

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