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TDR 8 S auto-clean & GO 1.06


Increased cooking options
Food quality and consistent results
Space optimization - <1m2
Time and energy efficient
Efficient workflow

By combining a auto-clean TDR with a GO combi oven, you gain a culinary edge with increased cooking options, leveraging the strengths of both methods. The TDR excels in roasting meats, while the GO combi offers diverse modes with steam and convection for versatile dishes. This synergy not only enhances time efficiency through even cooking and quick bursts of high heat but also ensures consistent, high-quality results. Moreover, the fusion optimizes space, promotes energy efficiency, and expands your menu possibilities, all supported by user-friendly interfaces for seamless operations.

Increased Cooking Options The combination allows you to harness the benefits of both cooking methods. A rotisserie is excellent for roasting wholeor large cuts of meats, while a combi oven offers various cooking modes (convection, steam and combisteam) which facilitate cooking techniques as boiling, steaming, baking and frying.

Productivity Combining the 8 spits of the rotisserie and 7 x 1/1 GN capacity of GO combi enhances the output. Large volumes can be roasted and cooked at the same time.

Consistent Results The precision of a combi oven’s temperature and humidity control, combined with the even cooking provided by a rotisserie, result in more consistent, high-quality dishes and more yield.

1m2 Space Optimization Instead of having separate equipment for rotisserie and oven functions, stacking them allows you to save space, making it more efficient and organized.

Energy Efficiency Combining equipment leads to more energy-efficient operations, both pieces of equipment hold energy saving technologies.

Menu Expansion With the ability to use both cooking methods, you can diversify your menu offerings.

Ease of Use Both the combi and the rotisserie come with user-friendly interfaces and programmable settings simplifying the cooking process, making it fully accessible also for non-skilled operators.

Cleaning Optimal operational efficiency because of the automatic cleaning and an integrated grease collection system on both equipment.

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Features GO combi oven

Capacitive 7” colour touch screen with self- explanatory symbols and guidance for easy and intuitive operation
QuickSelectRecipes; tailored user interface. Customize the home screen with preset and locked down
Different user levels, protected by PIN codes
CookTimeCorrection: detects and compensates unexpected changes in temperature: always the perfect result
IntenseSteamingTechnology: Fast and efficient steam generation without the use of a costly boiler
ClimateControl: Accurate settings and intelligent management of air, heat, pressure and humidity level for better food quality and less waste
CareCycle: Recirculating auto-cleaning system with 7 different cycles, incl. Eco and Turbo Cleaning. System advises on optimal cycle and amount of detergent tabs
(optional) Smart Connect: Wi-Fi or LAN connection to cloud-based dashboard for remote fleet monitoring and management of consumption data, HACCP data, error notifications, recipes etc
PassThrough model available - avoid cross contamination

Features TDR 8 S auto-clean

8 meat fork or V-spit positions, 7 baskets or rack positions
Rotor for up to 40 chickens (1.2kg) per batch
250 programs with up to 9 cook stages per program
Outstanding food quality: high-speed convection for even cooking and radiant heat for uniform browning
High-speed double loop convection; energy saving technology
Cook Correction and Eco Cooking help you save on energy use and ensure food safety
Standard doors on both sides - Avoid cross contamination by separating the raw from the cooked area
Cleaning cycle that can be done overnight or during quiet trading hours, saving valuable time

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